Halloween vs. Reformation Day

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It's November, Halloween is gone Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the stores are already playing some famous Christmas tunes. This post is a little past October 31st, but in case you plan ahead this lesson idea might help.

During the Fall season many Christian schools choose not to celebrate Halloween. Fortunately, there's an alternative option if you find yourself in the same boat. October 31st is not only Halloween it is also Reformation Day. On October 31st, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Catholic church. Luther brought darkness into the light by calling out the greed that had infiltrated the church. If you want more information on this day, click the link to Ligoner Ministries and read their article about Reformation Day.

Lesson: Reformation Day Celebration

Length: 1-3 days (movie 2+ hours)

Grades: 9th-12th

Materials: Movie -Luther (click this link to purchase or rent from amazon)

The movie is PG-13, here is the link to the Parents Guide.

Subjects: Church History, Theology, NT, Holiday

Objective: Students learn about the events and controversy leading up to the Reformation.

Intro: Briefly share with them who Luther is and the importance of the Reformation church for Protestant Evangelical believers. Be sensitive to the students in your class who are Catholic.

Optional: Bell ringer, have the students read the Ligoner article and journal five new historical facts they learned from their reading.

Lesson: Have the students watch the movie. The movie is long, but great. If the movie is too long, you may want to show key clips.

Optional: A week ahead plan a potluck as a way to celebrate Reformation day, students can eat while watching the movie.

Extension Project: Before the movie, put the students in groups of 4-6 people. Depending on how many groups you have split the movie accordingly (for example, 3 groups, you would split the movie in thirds). Have each group take notes of the main characters, and events that occurred. After the movie, have the students get into their original groups and compare notes. Using their notes, have them put together a short skit for other classes.

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