Visual Map of Jesus' Ministry

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

One obstacle to overcome while studying the Bible is to remember the places Jesus traveled. Here's a lesson that will help your students remember the cities and regions Jesus traveled, and the specific events that happened in those locations.

Lesson: Visual Map of Jesus' Ministry

Grades: 9th-10th

Length: 2-4 days

Type: Individual

Materials: 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 (best) white paper; colored pencils or markers, one of the Synoptic Gospels (Mark works best).

Subjects: NT, Bible Art

Objective: Students will become familiar with Jesus' travels, and where certain events from his ministry occurred.

Intro: This is a great way to introduce one of the Synoptic Gospels. I prefer to use Mark because it is fast and to the point.

Some points to consider while introducing Mark:

1- Many scholars believe that the Gospel of Mark was the first written account of Jesus' life and ministry.

2-Scholars believe Luke and Matthew used Mark's accounts as reference for their Gospels.

3-Mark communicates a sense of urgency in Jesus' earthly journey. This points to Christ's important purpose and calling.

Lesson: First, have each student take out a couple pieces of paper. Their first heading will be labeled "Chapter 1". Have the students open their Bibles to Mark chapter 1. Tell them to skim the chapter and write down the first location and the most significant event that occurred there. If there is more than one event, have them list the top three significant events in that location. Have them do this for each location mentioned in Mark. Give each chapter a few minutes to keep the activity moving fast. The speed will appeal to the high energy students. When most of the class is finished, have the students share the first location mentioned, along with the event connected to the location. Continue this procedure throughout the whole book. This took our class 1 1/2 class periods.

Second, give the students an 8.5x11 map to transfer by hand on their 8.5x14 paper. Have them include all the cities, regions, seas, and oceans. I have them do dark boarders, label all the locations, and use colored pencils to show the different cities and regions.

Third, using their notes (these should be correct if went over in class), have them draw small pictures symbolizing the event on the map in the correct location.

Follow-up: After completing the map, quiz the students on some important locations and events. Use these maps as a reference when going through the Gospels. This will help students recall location and the event.

Note: This is a nice project to put on a Bulletin Board.

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