15 High School Bible Bell Ringers

Updated: May 19, 2020

Once class begins, do you ever struggle with getting everyone focused? The best way I overcame this challenge was by implementing a daily bell ringer. Students love routine, and once they entered my class, they grabbed their journal and immediately began working on answering the questions.

Also, check out our other Bell Ringers. We are going through the books of the Bible and highlighting 5 questions from each chapter.

Here are 15 High School Bible Bell Ringers

1-Genesis 1-3 & Revelation 22- Compare and contrast these passages by listing three similarities and three differences.

2-Genesis 1:26-28- What are the three main points from this passage? How does this impact your worldview?

3-Exodus 1:17-21-What was God's reaction to the disobedient midwives?

4-Judges 2:6-14- Why did the people of Israel stop following God after Joseph's death? What can we learn from this passage?

5-Ruth 1:1- Read this passage, then use your study Bible and flip to Ruth's summary introduction and the other book's summary introduction. What are some major differences between the two books?

6-Deuteronomy 8:2-3 & Matthew 4:1-4- Note the parallels between these passages. How do the parallels in Deuteronomy shed light on the Matthew passage?

7-Psalm 1- List the blessings connected with meditating on God's Word.

8-Jude 1:1-2- What verbs are mentioned in these verses? How do these verses encourage you?

9-1 John 1-4- What three senses are mentioned in this text, and what main case is John trying to make?

10-1 John 4:20-5:5- According to this passage, how do we know we love God?

11-Hebrews 6:11- Using this text, and in your own words, define hope.

12-1 Peter 1:3-7- Why can Christians be joyful in difficult circumstances?

13-James 1:26-2:13- According to James, what is genuine religion?

14-Romans 8:1- Describe how this passage can impact someone who genuinely believes it to be true, and applies it to their life.

15-Revelation 21:1-8- List the things God will make new. Why do think God chooses to make these things new?

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