7 Ideas for Christmas

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Christmas is just around the corner. Here are seven different ideas you can use or tweak for this Christmas season in your class.

1- Service Day- Volunteer at a food bank, sing carols around your school, makes crafts to bring to a nursing home, write letters to those serving our country, or pack shoeboxes for children in need.

2- Christmas Carols- There is so much packed into Christmas Carols, studying them can lead the mind to a deeper reflection of Christmas. One way this can be done is by assigning one carol to groups of students. Have the students study the carol, and when they think they fully understand it, create a skit explaining it to the class. For individual work, you can have them write it in their own words or sketch the song. Suggested songs: O Come All Ye Faithful, The Little Drummer Boy, Joy to the World, Angels We Have Heard On High, Away In A Manger, Hark! The Harold Angels Sing, Go Tell It On The Mountains

3- Advent Devotional- Advent prepares our heart to celebrate the birth of our Savior. It reminds us of the gift of God and helps keep our hearts focused on the true meaning of Christmas. Once class starts, you can read an advent devotional, they can journal and reflect on the devotional. When students are not in class you can provide a link to the site you pulled the devotional from or print off copies for them to read at home. Another option for a devotional is to have them reflect on Christmas carols and think about the application for life and the church. If you don't own an advent devotional there are many free advent devotionals online.

4- Have a European Christmas- Rick Steves (a travel guide) will take you and your class around Europe for Christmas. This fascinating video explores the origins of our Christmas traditions both pagan and Christian. In addition to watching this movie you can plan a Potluck. Have them pick a country in Europe, pick a dish from that country, and bring it in to share. Here's the link to the video.

5- Christmas Scholars- There's much to be learned about the Christmas story. Have students do research and present it to the class. Suggested research topics: north star, wise men, date of Jesus' birth, location of Jesus' birth, Jesus' genealogy, OT prophesy, significance of Shepherds, and King Herod.

6- Christmas Decorations- If possible, have a small tree for each class to decorate. Make it fun by having a competition and have co-workers vote on their favorite. If your class doesn't have room for a tree, cut out trees out of bulletin board paper, or have them take a section of a wall to decorate.

7- Christmas Art- Have students read the story of Jesus' birth and discuss what the arrival of our Savior means for the world. After, provide various mediums of art (paint, colored pencils, construction paper, sculpting clay, musical instruments, etc.) and have students answer the question: What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Have fun and...

Merry Christmas!

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