Bell Ringer: 1 John

These Bell Ringers will have 3 fact questions and 2 application questions from each chapter.

As always, you can tweak/change/alter the questions to fit your students needs.

1 John Chapter 1:

1- Why is John writing the letter? (v.4)

2- What does Jesus faithfully do if we confess our sins? (v.8)

3- According to v. 10, what happens if we say we have no sin?

4- How does this passage encourage you when you sin?

5- If you know someone caught in unrighteousness, what verses from this passage would you use to encourage them?

1 John Chapter 2:

1- In verses 12-14, who are the three groups of people Peter mentions specially? What does he say to each group?

2- How can we be sure that we know God? (vs.3-4)

3- What is the sign that someone is the antichrist? (v.22)

4- List ways we can daily abide in Christ.

5- What does it mean to walk as Jesus did? (v.6)

1 John Chapter 3:

1-What are we going to be like when Christ appears? (v.2)

2- According to verse 18, how shall we love others?

3- What is the command God has given us? (v. 23)

4- Reflecting on v.15, are you harboring anger towards anyone?

5- What are ways that we can lay down our lives for our brothers? (v.16)

1 John Chapter 4:

1- How can we tell the difference between a spirit that is from God and a spirit that is from the antichrist? (v.2-3)

2- What does perfect love do? (v.18)

3- State the commandment God gives in verse 21?

4- How does Christ's love for us encourage you to love others?

5- What does it mean that we are "like Jesus"?

Bonus: 6- How many times does the word love/loves/loved occur in this chapter? (27 times)

1 John Chapter 5:

1- How doe we know we have been born again? (v.1)

2- Why did John write the letter? (v.13)

3- What does the Son of God give us and why? (v.20)

4- What are some modern day "idols" that people worship? (v.21) Are there any that you need to remove from your life?

5- Is there someone you know who is sinning? How can you pray for them? (v.16)

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