Bell Ringer: 1 Peter

Updated: May 19, 2020

These Bell Ringers will have 3 fact questions and 2 application questions from each chapter.

As always, you can tweak/change/alter the questions to fit the needs of your students.

1 Peter Chapter 1:

1- What are the different roles described for each of the three members of the trinity -Father, Son, Holy Spirit? (v. 2)

2- Describe a believer's inheritance.(vs.4-5)

3- When will salvation be revealed? (v.5)

4- In vs. 17, we are told to live as foreigners. What does this mean for you?

5- Read vs. 22-23. What do you think it means to love someone with a "sincere brotherly love."

1 Peter Chapter 2:

1- What causes people to stumble? (v8)

2- How are Christians defined in v.9?

3- Which authorities does God want us to submit to? (vs. 13-14)

4- Peter uses the metaphor of sheep and shepherd in vs. 24-25. Why do you think he uses this metaphor? Do you agree with this?

5- How does being a foreigner or living in exile help in overcoming sin? (vs. 11)

1Peter Chapter 3:

1- How can a godly wife encourage an unbelieving husband? (v.1-2)

2- Where should a woman's beauty come from? (vs.3-4)

3- What will hinder a husband's prayers? (v. 7)

4- What fear might v. 6 be referring to?

5- What are examples today of Christians suffering for doing good?

1 Peter Chapter 4:

1- What sometimes shocks people about believers? (v. 4)

2- Peter tells us the end of all things is here. List how we are to live. (vs.7-11)

3- How do we get blessed according to v. 14?

4- What about hospitality would cause someone to grumble or complain? (v.9)

5- What does it mean to entrust your soul to God? (v. 19)

1 Peter Chapter 5:

1- What does Peter encourage the young believer to be like? (v. 5)

2- How does Peter encourage a believer to resist the devil? (vs.7-9)

3- What will God do to those who have suffered? (v. 10)

4- How can we live out the principles in vs. 7-9?

5- Describe what school, work, church, would look like and feel like if most people lived out v.5?

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