Bell Ringer: Book of James

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

These Bell Ringers will have 3 fact questions and 2 application questions from each chapter.

As always, you can tweak/change/alter the questions to fit the needs of your students.

James Chapter 1:

1- Why does James want us to have joy in the midst of trials? (v.2)

2- What will giving into temptation bring over time? (vs. 14-15)

3- What does it mean to be truly religious? (vs. 26-27)

4- Verse 5 says that if we ask God for wisdom he will give it to us. Is there any area in your life where you need wisdom?

5- When you think of God's law, do you think of it as freeing or binding? Why do you think James calls God's Word the "law of liberty"?

James Chapter 2:

1- According to vs. 5, what blessings do the poor in the world receive?

2- What triumphs over judgement? (vs.13)

3- What is faith apart from works? (v. 26)

4- Consider the culture, what is an example of someone showing favoritism today?

5- What is something you can do to put your faith into action?

James Chapter 3:

1- Why shouldn't many people desire to become teachers? (vs. 1)

2- What is one thing on earth that cannot be tamed? (vs. 7)

3- Read vs. 15-17. What is the difference between natural wisdom and wisdom from God?

4- James compares our tongue to a forrest fire. Can you recall a time when what you said caused destruction?

5- What is your definition of wisdom? How does this compare with what it says in verse 13?

James Chapter 4:

1- What is one reason why God may not answer a prayer? (vs. 3)

2- How do we become enemies of God? (vs. 4)

3- According to vs. 13-16, why should we not boast in tomorrow?

4- Why is it very important not to speak evil of one another? How can you guard yourself from this?

5- What is something that would fit the definition of sin? (vs. 17)

James Chapter 5:

1- Read vs. 4-6. What have these rich people done to deserve judgement?

2- Verse 16-17 tells us that our ability to pray is similar to that of Elijah. According to vs. 17-19, what prayers did he pray and how were they answered?

3- What is unique about the prayers of a righteous person? (vs. 16)

4- Is there a sin you need to confess to someone? Who can you confess it to?

5- Think about someone who know who is wandering from truth. How can you pray that God uses you to bring them back?

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