Bell Ringer: Book of Hebrews

Updated: May 19, 2020

These Bell Ringers will have 3 fact questions and 2 application questions from each chapter.

As always, you can tweak/change/alter the questions to fit the needs of your students.

Hebrews Chapter 1:

1- How does God speak to us in these last days? (v.2)

2- What did the Son do after he made purification for sins? (v.3)

3- Compare and contrast the angles and the Son. (vv.4-13)

4- When you are going through a hard time and you want to hear from God do you go to scripture? Why or why not?

5- According to v. 14, angels are sent out to serve those who will inherit salvation. Does this encourage you? Why or why not?

Hebrews Chapter 2:

1- What is subject (under his control) to Jesus? (v.8)

2- Why is Jesus crowned with glory and honor? (v.9)

3- What is Jesus not ashamed to call us? (v.11)

4- Verses 14-17 states that Jesus destroyed the power of death, and delivered those who were in lifelong slavery to the fear of death. What are some ways people live too cautiously because they fear death?

5- Do you feel like Jesus is your brother? Why or why not? If not, how might that change?

Hebrews Chapter 3:

1- In verse 1, what titles are ascribed to Jesus?

2- What does he encourage us to do so that we will not fall away? (vv.12-13)

3- Why were the people of Israel not able to enter into God's rest? (v.19)

4- How can having Christian friends/community help with sin and unbelief?

5- In this chapter we are encouraged to not harden our hearts. How do we do this?

Hebrews Chapter 4:

1- How did God rest? (v. 10)

2- According to verse 12, what does the Word of God do for us?

3- Why should we draw close to the throne of God? (v. 14)

4- How does it help to know that Jesus was tempted in every way we are?

5- List reasons that prevent you from resting in God.

Hebrews Chapter 5:

1- Why do high priests understand people's weaknesses/sin/failures? (v.2)

2- How did Jesus learn obedience? (v. 8)

3- Verse 11 tells us that there was more they wanted to communicate about Jesus. Why couldn't they communicate more about Jesus?

4- Why do people get stuck in the infant stage of Christianity?

5- Becoming mature in the faith is not an automatic process. What do you need to do to grow spiritually?

Hebrews Chapter 6:

1- According to vs.1-2, what topics are part of the "elementary teachings?"

2- Why could Abraham be certain of the promise God made? (v. 13)

3- What was the promise given to Abraham? (v.14)

4- What does the analogy of hope as an anchor mean for you? (vs. 19)

5- How would you describe your faith? Support your reasoning from vs 1-3.

Hebrews Chapter 7:

1- Who is Melchizedek, and what does his name mean? (vs.1-3)

2- What does Jesus guarantee? (vs. 22)

3- According to vs. 23-25, what are the differences between Jesus and the priests of old?

4- What does it mean for you that Jesus intercedes on your behalf? (v.25)

5- How is our covenant better than the one they had in the OT?

Hebrews Chapter 8:

1- According to vs. 1-2, where is the true tabernacle?

2- What was Israel's response to the first covenant? (vs. 10-13)

3- Describe the second covenant. (v. 10-13)

4- Verse 11 talks about knowing God. What does it mean for you to know God?

5- According to vs. 12, God doesn't hold our sins against us. Are there sins that you hold onto that God has already forgiven?

Hebrews Chapter 9:

1- How did Jesus secure an eternal redemption? (v. 12)

2- What does Jesus' sacrifice on the cross purify? How is this different from the purification by the blood of goats/bulls? (vs. 13-14)

3- How does vs. 27 contradict the idea of reincarnation?

4- Are you eagerly waiting for Christ's return? Why or why not? (v.28)

5- What are some benefits to living in the New Covenant vs. the Old Covenant?

Hebrews Chapter 10:

1- According to vs. 34, how were they able to endure persecution?

2- Read vs. 17-18. Why are sacrifices no longer needed?

3- In vs. 25, what "day" is he talking about?

4- List ways you can encourage your friends and family to love and good works?

5- According to v.25, why is it important to go to church or be in fellowship with other believers?

Hebrews Chapter 11:

1- What is the definition of faith in vs. 1?

2- According to vs. 6, why is it important to have faith?

3- From this chapter chose 3 people whose lives exhibited faith. Who are they, how did they show faith?

4- In vs. 35-38, how were these people able to endure all these things?

5- How do these faith stories encourage you and what did you learn from them?

Hebrews Chapter 12:

1- What kind of race are believers encouraged to run? (v. 1-2)

2- According to vs. 6-7, why does God discipline his children?

3- In vs. 10-11, what is the result of discipline?

4- Read vs. 15. How do we avoid the root of bitterness?

5- How do you feel when God disciplines you? How does this passage encourage you when you are being disciplined?

Hebrews Chapter 13:

1- What commands are in vs. 1-5

2- In vs. 15, what type of sacrifice are we instructed to offer up?

3- What does God equip you with? (v. 21)

4- Verse 7 encourages believers to imitate godly men and women. Who do you know that you can imitate?

5- Which of the commands would you like to see personnel growth? How can you ask God to help you grow in that area? (vs.1-19)

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