• These courses are shorter and can be used to supplement a unit or take the place of a unit. 

  • During the Pilot Program, the length of days can be flexible to meet the needs of the student.

  • These seminars can be 1:1 (teacher to student class ration), or group lessons. 


Discovering Jesus through the OT

Using Christopher Wrights, Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament and adapting G.K Beal's Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, students will uncover the rich and powerful connections between the testaments and how they paint a more clear picture of the Savior. 

Duration: 5, 1 hr. classes

King Jesus:

Understanding a Believer's Salvation

A Believer's salvation is directly connected to understanding the character and role of Jesus in our world today. Using Scott McKnight's book, The King Jesus Gospel, and Dallas Willard's book Divine Conspiracy students will see that the kingdom of God is big and active in their world today. A real kingdom with a perfect and compassionate God is their reality.

Duration: 4, 40 min. classes

Spiritual Formation: Movers and Shakers

Students will get to know Christians from the past and present that have been used by God to wake up a sleepy generation. Students will observe these people of faith who consistently looked beyond their current circumstances and into a glorious eternity. They will learn about Soren Kierkegard, Gladys Alward, Blaise Pascal, Martin Luther, and John Wesley

Duration: 3, 40 min. classes 

Biblical Literacy: How to Read a Book

Duration: 7, 1 hr. classes

One important key to Biblical Literacy is the ability to read and comprehend a book. Inspired by the Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart's book, How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth, students will learn the age old techniques found in How to Read a Book, by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van. Doren. These skills, when practiced, will help students read any type of literature with more ease and increased comprehension. 

Beginning Hebrew

Duration: 10, 40min classes

Students will learn the basics of biblical Hebrew. They will learn the Hebrew alphabet, pronunciation, writing, and reading. They will also focus on the most used Hebrew words in the OT. At the end of the course, students will translate a number of verses. 

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