Terms and Conditions

Who Can Take a Class?

We accept middle and high school students, grades 6th-12th. As of now, we do not offer classes for adults, and adults cannot attend classes.

Registration & Payment

During the Pilot Program (ends March 15th, 2021) you can choose to pay for each course separately or in one payment. Payments must be received 24 hours before class begins (during the Pilot Program, ends March 15th, 2021). Bibleclass101 reserves the right to change the registration and payment options. e


Drop Policy, Transfers, and Refunds

Refund/Drop Policy: Because of busy schedules and potential conflicts with the class times, some people may find that they have to drop a class.

All drop requests for semester or year long classes must be received in writing to bibleonline@bibleclass101.org If it is necessary to drop a class there is a $25 drop fee for Summer classes, a $50 drop fee for Semester classes, and a $75 drop fee for Year Long classes. You will receive a full refund less the drop fee per course. A registered student is allowed two full weeks to attend our live classes and to withdraw with only the drop fee assessed. After two weeks of attending class no refunds will be issued. All refund/drop requests must be in writing to bibleonline@bibleclass101.org and must be received by 5:00pm Central Time on the Friday of the second week of class (class times are specific to each class).


For seminars and book clubs, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any student no-shows or classes that are not canceled prior to the 24 hour mark will be charged in full. 


Class Times & Cancellations

During the pilot program, class times will be determined based on interest and availability. If, in the unforeseen event that a class needs to be canceled by a teacher, the cost of the one missed class will be refunded in full. 


Class Size

Parents have an option between 1:1 student to teacher classes, and group classes that do not exceed 16 (with the exception of special lectures, events, and other unique classes). 


Parental Responsibility

Bibleclass101 desires to create the best online bible class experience for your student. We know this is best achieved when students have the accountability of their parents. Parental involvement is key for the success of the classroom. 


Contact Information:

We require an ability to contact a parent during the time of the class. This is for safety and accountability purposes. Parents will have the ability to contact the teacher during the course of the lesson. 

Privacy & Copyright

Bibleclass101 resources and materials received by students and parents may not be distributed or shared on any external website, through electronic mail, or any other medium. All information is privileged. 

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